Family Empowerment Yoga


Now inviting whole families to practice yoga and grow together! This series invites caretakers to come together with their children in the process of self-discovery and bonding through the practice of yoga. Each session focuses on an area of development to be explored together through: games, storytelling, partner yoga, guided meditation, breath awareness, songs and so much laughter!! Walk away with your family feeling more connected and empowered with ready-to-use games and tools.

Saturday, August 6th:

Compassion and Caring – learning to love ourselves in order to show love to others through introductions, listening and taking turns, loving kindness meditation, breath-work, self-esteem and body-awareness exercises

Saturday, August 20th:

Chaos and Calming – noticing and naming the interplay between dynamic and static movement and feelings through gross/fine motor movement games, breath-work, emotional awareness activities, yoga story time, exploring wiggling in asana and stillness in participatory guided meditation.

Saturday, September 3rd:

Connect – caregiver and child use the skills they have built thus far in partner exercises learning to both ask for help, offer help, listen and express through synchronized breathing, yoga story time with partner poses, listening and turn taking exercises.

Saturday, September 17th:

Community –  bringing our tools from our class to our communities by sharing with each other what we have learned, teaching it to one another and practicing together as empowered individuals, stronger families and connected communities.

All classes are from 10 AM – 11:15 AM and take place at 4620 South Findlay St, Seattle, WA 98118. Can’t wait to work with you!!


Email me to sign up!





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