Who are you, anyway?

You might be wondering: Who the heck is this Rebekah and what does she even do?

Lil’ Charlie helping with my daily practice.

Let me introduce my self:

As you may have guessed, I am Rebekah Jurgensen of RJYoga LLC. I am new, new, new to the business world and not so new to the world of yoga. I have been practicing yoga in a not-so-linear fashion (a bit of on-again-off-again) for over a decade at this point. I came to yoga first while attending Evergreen — I was in an interdisciplinary program focusing on Anatomy and Physiology where we explored the human anatomy through fine art and live drawing, lectures, labs, body mapping and -the most impactful- yoga. It was a pretty dreamy course and I totally fell in love with yoga through it.

My journey continued and I dabbled here and there at different studios, with different instructors until I came to what I now refer to as my “home studio” Samdhana-Karana Yoga. It was there my practice became regular. I felt as though my teachers cared and were connected to this studio. I learned that hatha-flow was what felt best in my body. My chronic pain, stress, anxiety started to wane. During this time I was deeply allergic to anything resembling spirituality and recoiled at any talk of the sacred texts, the yamas and niyamas, of chanting and the chakra system — I was there to practice asana and asana alone. Nothing more, nothing less.

My relationship to yoga and my practice didn’t really go far beyond the world of yogic movement until about three years ago, when my chronic pain and anxiety would no longer be quieted, when my body would compensate no more. I felt my self spiraling out of control, I was losing hold of me and knew that something had to give. I deepened my self-care routines: I saunaed regularly, went to therapy, exercised, changed my diet and sleep habits and decided to take it further with my yoga practice. I signed up to take my 200-hr teacher training with Pamela Higley. My friends, this experience was (unintentionally, really) absolutely transformative.

At first I insisted that this training was merely a path to teaching. As the months went on and I allowed my self to open up to the sweet loves who I was learning along side and my darling mentors, I found my self softening. My anger, anxiety, my shell, was melting away until I found my core. And thus I re-discovered this me I has not met in two decades: she laughed, was softer, youthful, exuberant and ready to share this lightness with others.

This is how I came to where I am now. This is a piece of who I am. You may wonder what I am  doing with this salvaged self. I am opening it to you. As corny and cliche as it may seem: I am offering my guidance so that you too may discover that beautiful self just below your stresses, fears, anxieties and self-doubts. That self is there, sometimes we just need someone to point it out.

So that is my little introduction. I hope to meet your acquaintance soon and look forward to learning of your journey as well. Take care of you and yours.

Keep loving, keep fighting-


For more information on the details of what I offer in the ways of guidance, click here!



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