Family Empowerment Yoga


Compassion & Caring

For those of you who may have missed the mini-pilot of my new class series, Family Empowerment Yoga, here are some exercises taken from each class for you to use at home! These classes encourage caretakers to come together with their children in the process of self-discovery and change through the practice of yoga. Each class is centered on a theme, such as this one: Compassion and Caring. Keep your eyes peeled for more classes in the realm of Family Empowerment Yoga soon to come your way!!

Pranayama: Tummy Breath

This can be done with two people or a whole bunch! One person lies on their back and another rests their head on their tummy. Everyone breathes into their nose and out their mouths, trying to raise their partner’s head. Different breaths and sounds can be played with, such as the: “HA!” sound. How does that effect your partner differently? Or is it the same?

If you are alone, or prefer not to be touched, you can place a small pillow or favorite toy, book or stuffy on your tummy. On the inhale, watch the object rise up and on the exhale, it lowers.

(Teaches: awareness of breath, diaphragmatic breathing and moving energy, prana. As a caretaker, deep breathing has proven to be an invaluable tool that children can learn and access to eventually help in self-calming and self-soothing)



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