Family Empowerment Yoga


Chaos and Calm

For those of you who may have missed the mini-pilot of my new class series, Family Empowerment Yoga, here are some exercises taken from each class for you to use at home! These classes encourage caretakers to come together with their children in the process of self-discovery and change through the practice of yoga. Each class is centered on a theme, such as this one: Chaos and Calm. Keep your eyes peeled for more classes in the realm of Family Empowerment Yoga soon to come your way!!

Yoga Freeze

This game explores dynamic and static movement. It is great for body awareness and is FUN! The only materials you’ll need are your self and some friends and yoga poses. You can use yoga pose cards or make some your self.

The game begins with the leader choosing a movement (walking, running, funny walk…) which everyone does together until the leader says “YOGA FREEZE!” and shouts out a pose, i.e.: “Downward dog!” and everyone freezes in that pose. The leader then chooses a new leader and the game continues when the new leader chooses a new movement.

(Teaches/Develops: spatial awareness, listening and following directions, gross motor, memory, leading)

Wet as a noodle, hard as a rock

This is a great relaxation technique for children that works for adults too! Great for a before-bedtime routine. It definitely gets a lot laughs.

Some lay down in savasana (yoga resting posture – corpse pose) as one person leads. When the leader says “Wet noodle” the listeners try to relax their body so that the leader can wiggle (gently) their arms and legs very easily. Then the leader calls out “Hard rock” – cuing all listeners to stiffen their bodies – and attempts to wiggle arms and legs to find that they are impossible to move!

Alternate between “Wet noodle” and “Hard rock” for as long as the game is fun. An extra challenge would be to try to stiffen and relax different parts of the body at the same time.

(Teaches/Develops: body awareness, self-soothing/calming)


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