Family Empowerment Yoga



For those of you who may have missed the mini-pilot of my new class series, Family Empowerment Yoga, here are some exercises taken from each class for you to use at home! These classes encourage caretakers to come together with their children in the process of self-discovery and change through the practice of yoga. Each class is centered on a theme, such as this one: Connect. Keep your eyes peeled for more classes in the realm of Family Empowerment Yoga soon to come your way!!

Friendship Breath

1. Sit back-to-back.
2. Sit up tall with a straight spine imagining a string connected to the top of your head pulling you toward the clouds and another string connected to your tailbone anchoring you to the earth.
3. Bring your one hand to your heart and the other to rest on your diaphragm.
4. Breathe full belly breaths. Inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth.
5. Close your eyes and let go of everything except for the focus on your breath.
6. Begin to think loving thoughts about the person whose back touches yours. Thank them silently for supporting you in this nourishing, meditative practice.

(Teaches/Develops: breath and body awareness, develops intrapersonal & interpersonal body rhythms)




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