Family Empowerment Yoga



For those of you who may have missed the mini-pilot of my new class series, Family Empowerment Yoga, here are some exercises taken from each class for you to use at home! These classes encourage caretakers to come together with their children in the process of self-discovery and change through the practice of yoga. Each class is centered on a theme, such as this one: Community. Keep your eyes peeled for more classes in the realm of Family Empowerment Yoga soon to come your way!!

Meditation/Relaxation: Loving-kindness

This meditation is a beautiful practice as a family right before nap or bedtime. Begin lying down.
Try this script:

Find where your heart beats in your body using just your brain. Notice how it is thumping in your chest. Now begin to send your self some loving thoughts to your heart. In your brain, tell yourself: “I love my self.” Send sweet, kind thoughts about yourself to your heart (pause). Then imagine someone you love very much, maybe your mom or dad or kitty or gramma. In your brain, tell that special person: “I love you.” Think about all of the special things about that person (pause). Feel what it is like to send love to yourself and someone you love. Begin to feel that warm loving feeling spreading from head to toe and shooting out of your fingers and toes like light and spreading to the whole world, the whole universe.


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