why resolve, when you could release?




  1. settle or find solution to (a problem, dispute or contentious matter). syn: settle, sort out, fix, straighten, put right, rectify, deal with put to rights.
  2. deciding firmly on a course of action. syn: determine, decide, make up one’s mind, make a decision.



  1. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free. syn free, set free, let go/out, liberate.
  2. allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.


I want you take just a moment to read both definitions and notice what happens to your demeanor as you do so. Try to play close attention to the feeling in your face, chest and shoulders. What happens?



Initially as I sat down to write this post, the decision to include the definitions of both the words “resolve” and “release” was solely for the pragmatic purpose of displaying a contrast between terms. My idea was to challenge this cyclical idea that come the new year we are to “fix, straighten, and put right” the lives that we have tripped through over the course of the past 12 months. Although these definitions still serve such a purpose what I noticed as I typed up them up was how my body felt while doing so.

“Resolve” caused my shoulders to tighten, my jaw to set, my posture to grow rigid. By contrast, while typing out the definition of “release” I actually found my self smiling, giddy, relaxing into my seat. This is the energy that each word invokes: resolve – bound by structure, release – expansive freedom and creativity. Our culture – so hellbent on going 5000-million times an hour – seems to take the new year as the one opportunity for pause, meditation, self-reflection. And as is the way of a consumerist culture, the solution to all our woes is shallow and prescribed: more exercise and less food, more giving and less buying, less like yourself and more like…someone else?

Despite being deeply critical of consumerist rituals, I often find my self completely unaware that I am getting swept up in the new year’s resolution craze: exercising (for about a month) more than I ever do, denying my self food, tacking on new “self-care” rituals to my daily routines , reading more, doing more yoga (really..what does that even mean?), etc. I over do it every year and then burn out quickly and fall apart. I find my self eating even more sweets, exercising less, drinking more and neglecting all of my self-care rituals.

I know I am not alone in this and I think that it happens mostly because moving through the world bound by rigidity and rules goes against our nature. We are meant to be free flowing, driven by our instinct. And while I understand that making a new year’s resolution is a means to bettering our selves, I feel it is the wrong approach. Maybe more obviously as well, going on a diet and exercising more during the winter is contradictory to our animal instinct to hibernate. What we truly need is more sleep, less action, more calories and a lot of self-care.

So instead of resolving, this year I aim to release: to move, act or flow freely; to allow or enable [my self] to escape from confinement. I aim to set my self free by listening to my instinct and intuition by slowing down and trusting that I am capable of knowing exactly what needs to be done to meet my own needs. No added rules, we have enough of those bogging us down in our society. Instead I’ll expand, grow and hone those rusty parts of my self already existing and intact. I will open and let go and let out. No more holding back pieces of my self. No more stopping my self before I start. No more shoving aside my intuition. No more puritanical penance. No. I will do what brings me joy and sets me free.



I encourage you to do the same. Find what feeds you, ask your body what it needs and follow it. Perhaps you find your needs are aiming you toward the realm of self-care and restoration. In that case, I would like to offer you the gift of guidance in your own releasing through restorative yoga and yoga nidra. The “Release” package includes 3 one-on-one private sessions: two 60-minute restorative yoga sessions and one 90-minute yoga nidra session for just $75, the value of which is $170. Give your self the gift of opening up and expanding.

For more information about my approach, look here: https://rebekahjurgensenyoga.wordpress.com/about/

Email to get into contact: rebekah.jurgensen.yoga@gmail.com


I look forward to hearing from you and guiding you in finding your release.


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