We are the best judges of our bodies’ needs. We hold the tools to our own self healing. The practitioner’s role is to act as a guide in uncovering the clients’ innate tools in their own healing process – there to shine light on the client’s own power hidden within. 

Rebekah Jurgensen has been practicing yoga asana for nearly a decade and has deepened her practice and relationship to yoga in the past few years much to the thanks of the folks at Samdhana Karana Yoga in Tacoma, WA. Last summer she completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training with Pamela Higley and has registered with Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). She found yoga to be such a transformative and healing experience that she felt moved to share these healing tools with others. She believes in the power of self-healing and feels strongly that yoga is a tool that should be accessible to all folks. She considers herself a guide for her clients’ own path to self-discovery and healing. Her approach is informed by:

– Hatha flow
– Gentle yoga
– Restorative yoga

Some regularly used tools include (but are not limited to):

–  Pranayama (yogic breathing and energy movement)
– Chakra balancing practices
– Meditation
– Yoga nidra
– Client-led, non-didactic approach
– Much play, love and laughter

These days she finds herself working predominately with little ones in the world of yoga at Magic Lantern Montessori exploring pranayama, asana, meditation, sanskrit terminology and yoga nidra through games, movement and a whole-lot of silliness and laughter. She has also at times been know to work one-on-one and with adults guiding them in a practice catered to their needs. She believes that yoga is a practice that should be accessible by all and strives reflect this value in her all aspects of her life including her work.