I’m a grown-up now (sort of…)

Hello there and welcome to my brand-new blog and brand-new business, Rebekah Jurgensen Yoga LLC!

My passion is teaching in all it’s forms. I have worked in the world of spreading, sharing and trading knowledge and skills for nearly a decade now. Through those years I have worked in partnership with all ages – from infancy to adulthood – sharing knowledge of everything from plant identification and farming skills to letter sounds and yoga games.

Most recently I find my self working with folks from 2 and a half to 6 in the whimsical world of children’s yoga and preschool, as well as with their caretakers and other adult-like folks who are interested in expanding their life-experience through yoga.

I have so many people who have helped me (and continue to do so) get to where I am today and am eternally grateful for them. Thank you to all of you for holding space for my growth and believing I can do this!

I can most easily be contacted via facebook or email (linked here):

Rebekah Jurgensen Yoga Facebook


I look forward to working with you in the future! Keep your eyes peeled for future classes, events and services soon to come your way.

Keep loving, keep fighting-